HITEC International Corp. visits Suprema Inc. Security & Biometrics in Seoul

Hitec International continues to strengthen its position on the market as a leading biometric supplier in the Philippines through its partnership with Suprema, a global leader in biometrics, identity management, and security solutions.

Suprema employs advanced biometric algorithms to provide innovative solutions for the security industry, including biometric access control systems, facial and fingerprint recognition and mobile authentication solutions.

Being one of Suprema's trusted partners in Asia, Hitec International embraces the responsibility of developing robust technologies to meet the demands of a wide range of businesses and organizations through the protection of sensitive data, assets, and individual data users against infringement or damage.

Hitec’s Trip to Suprema HQ in Seoul

For many years, HITEC International Corp. has been one of Suprema Inc.'s most respected and reliable partners in Asia. Three years after being restricted from traveling due to the pandemic, the Hitec team finally had the opportunity to visit Seoul to participate in the Suprema Global Partners Program (SGPP) 2022 event.

Over 116 partners originating from 46 different countries took part in this three-day Suprema event, under the theme of ``Shaping the Future”, where the company was able to discuss its performance and outline its vision and plans for future growth within the global physical security industry.

HITEC Team in Seoul
The HITEC team had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Suprema in order to discuss the company's upcoming initiatives and latest developments.

Furthermore, the HITEC team had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Suprema in order to discuss the company's upcoming initiatives and latest developments. A major focus of the company's visit to Suprema HQ was to analyze and understand the company's strategies related to sales and marketing. During the meeting, plans for future products and prototypes were reviewed as well. Currently, face recognition and mobile access systems are under development in order to increase the adoption of contactless solutions worldwide.

HITEC with Christina Lee
HITEC Team with Suprema Overseas Sales Manager in Asia, Miss Christina Lee.

In conjunction with these annual gatherings, HITEC remains committed to strengthening the relationship between the company and Suprema  Inc.

Hitec’s Suprema Biometrics Products

To deliver extensive security and biometric solutions to every business sectors, here are the new products of Suprema Biometrics in the Philippines offered exclusively by Hitec International:

Biostation 3

Access control has been raised to a whole new level with Biostation 3, as it offers an enhanced door access solution for increased security within any organization, irrespective of its size. Despite being a smaller terminal than any previous model, this device is equipped with a number of features, such as sophisticated facial recognition, access credentials and usability features. Protection of an organization's physical security and personal data has become more convenient and secure through BioStation 3.

Suprema Biostation 3 hosts state-of-the-art contactless access solutions

Suprema Mobile Access

By using Suprema Mobile Access, doors and facilities can be accessed via your smartphone. The use of a smartphone as a credential simplifies and speeds up the process of managing and using access cards. This device is capable of supporting both NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to ensure maximum compatibility across various smartphone models.

Suprema Mobile Access is equipped with the latest mobile and biometrics technologies

Looking for a robust and cutting-edge mobile biometric system in the Philippines? Then you should check out Hitec International. We are a leading provider of biometric and security solutions that include a wide selection of Suprema Biometric products, such as Suprema Mobile Access, Biostation and other identification devices.

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