• More than 25 years of experience in field of design, production and sale of electronic security systems.
  • We use the latest technology in domain of devices and software.
  • In the production of devices, we exclusively use components from reputable suppliers.
  • We continuously invest in improvement of our employees qualifications as well as improvement of design and production processes.
  • We are major supplier of access control systems in Poland. Our products can be purchased in each region of the country.
  • Our foreign distribution network covers 3 continents and more than 40 countries and it’s still growing.
  • Our products are promoted with success on markets where crucial point is quality (Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany) as well as on price sensitive markets (Singapore, Thailand, Russia).


  • High reliability and functionality confirmed in thousands of successfully implemented installations.
  • Great quality to price ratio.
  • Solutions with different levels of complexity and functionality.
  • Open architecture (API interface for programmers).
  • Modern design of devices.
  • Continuous development of functionalities.
  • Software available in many language versions.
  • User friendly system for software translations.


  • Free of charge support in selection, configuration and use of devices and software.
  • Possibility to receive remote technical support that enables quick location of the problem source and efficient application of corrective actions.
  • Technical trainings regarding offered products and solutions.
  • Demo and training materials that enables quick evaluation of products.
  • Marketing support. Materials ready to use (without any further adjustments).
  • User friendly system for promotional materials translations.
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