1974 Sees The Start Of Our Story

But already the precise guide lines are laid out, concrete and without abstraction, based on entrepreneurial values that still hold true today: respect for those who collaborate with us and for the environment that surrounds us. Trust in the people, in the projects and in the future. The desire to produce systems for automation and access control using selective materials, catalysing the best of our area in terms of competence, experience and the need for excellence. That very same excellence that allowed us to become part of the Riello Elettonica Group in 2011 giving further vent to and opening up horizons for our values.

Cardin Jealously Guards Its Identity

built over the years, founded on effective choices and rewarding relationships, the satisfaction of those working within the company and those collaborating externally: installers and end users. In a transversal yet firm way, Cardin have consolidated a personal area of values over a period of time which has smiled favourably on the choices made, giving their products a way of being which has made them user friendly and allowed them, with sincerity and without presumption to become part of our everyday objects. Being part of a group does not lead to a dilution of one’s history, rather, it reinforces one’s ideas with the objectives of having greater possibility for comparison, greater stimulus for research and a wider field of vision projected towards the future.

Cardin Is Part Of A Larger World

The Riello Elettronica group today is made up of twenty-three companies with nine production plants located throughout the world and competes globally in different areas of business. The POWER area, the core business, deals with energy conversion and the manufacturing of interruptible power supplies (UPS) as well as solar energy conversion systems (inverters). Cardin Elettronica leads the AUTOMATION area offering solutions for the automation and remote control of closing, safety and security systems. The SAFETY & SECURITY area is made up of businesses creating anti-intrusion, fire detection and demotics solutions as well as solutions guaranteeing the safety of employees working in machine production etc. All the companies in the group work together to offer innovative solutions aimed at markedly improving the work and the quality of life of everybody.

Made In Italy Since 1974

Creativity, far-sightedness, the will to take risks, pride, fatigue, daring, determination, enthusiasm, sharing, intuition, teamwork, tradition, contiguity with art, memory. Many are the ingredients that go to make a product, an Italian product. Every Cardin product is conceived and made in Italy.. 


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