Biometric Devices

Biometrics refers to an individual’s unique human characteristics and biological information that can be used to identify him or her. Today’s biometric systems feature recognition and authentication technologies that can verify a person’s identity through physical measurements such as facial features, DNA and fingerprints, and even behavioral characteristics like keystroke and gait.

Compared to traditional identification methods, including IDs and passwords, modern biometric systems are more secure and reliable in collecting and storing user data, and at the same time more simple, convenient and efficient in terms of user perspective.

HITEC International, the leading provider of facial recognition systems and fingerprint biometrics in the Philippines, offers several types of biometrics, including:

  • Finger scan – No two fingerprints are exactly identical. Finger scan biometrics use sensors that detect the distinct ridge patterns in a person’s fingerprint and matches this with pre-existing data for identification and authentication.
  • Facial scan – Facial recognition systems work by mapping out a person’s facial features from a photo or video. This data, called a faceprint, is then analyzed through a database of existing faceprints for matching.

Biometric systems have a wide range of applications, the most common being:

  • Access control – Fingerprint and facial recognition biometrics are most commonly found in mobile devices for enhanced security and data protection.
  • Attendance system – Attendance tracking in schools and offices through biometric solutions are simpler and cost-effective, and increase accountability and productivity.
  • Law enforcements – Biometrics are widely used to store and authenticate civil registration records and vital statistics, as well as keep criminal records and track down wanted people.
  • Healthcare – Biometric systems provide a safer and more effective method to track, store and update patient records.
  • Security locks – Many locks for homes, offices, doors, safes and cars can be equipped with biometrics help avoid dissuade unauthorized access and increase security.
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