ENKOA System S.L. is an engineering that designs, develops, produces, and sells electronic solutions oriented towards the identification. An identification that is shown in energy saving systems, access control systems, ILOCK electronic locks and people and car counting systems.

The concept of business of ENKOA System S.L., is based on the specialization and Know-How, as much in the hardware as in software we develop. This provides us with the capacity to advise our clients in the beginning of the projects, with later supply of products and systems of the best available technology for each situation. Everything supported by an efficient after-sale technical service.

Our philosophy in ENKOA System S.L. is based on the idea, that our activity doesn't finish with the delivery of the product having as priority that the client has to feel comfortable with the using and installation. For that purpose, we offer technical support, advice and detailed documentation, with the support of a team of professionals that give service and immediate answer to every client's necessities. 

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