iKlas Keys Management System

Developed in 2008, iKLAS (Intelligent Key Lock Application System) is an embedded web-based key management system that tracks the usage and movement of keys in all buildings and facilities. Developed and manufactured in Singapore, the system incorporates advanced technology with a user-friendly interface that can be configured to suit different business and security needs.

  • Tamper-proof window to locate unreturned keys at a glance
  • Built-in camera for access tracking
  • RFID tag reader for easy identification of key slot upon return
  • RFID key tags in a variety of colours for easy classification
  • Smart card reader with optional biometric authentication
  • Tamper-proof stainless steel ring cable seals
  • LED indicator for identification of key position status
  • GSM Modem to generate SMS alerts (optional)
  • Cabinet: 1.5mm steel plate
  • Supply voltage: 110/240Vac; 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: 10℃ to 40℃; <95%
  • Card Reader: MIFARE®, HID, EM, CEPAS, Desfire, Ps21, SSID, Biometric, Biometric + Proximity Card or connect any third party 32-bit Card ID reader with Wiegand port
  • Coloured camera to capture photo of users during retrieval and return of keys
  • RFID Key tag Reader (Auto tag return)
  • Multiple Authentication Options: choice of User ID + PIN code, Card access, biometric/Card and PIN
  • Alarm notification via email/SMS (optional)
  • Restrict door closure if key tag is inserted in wrong key slot
  • Coloured camera to capture photo of users during retrieval and return of keys
  • Fail-secure: In the event of loss of power supply, keys will be locked in position to prevent unauthorized removal
  • Power down detector with auto backup battery mode
  • System Battery Backup:  Standby mode ≤ 8 hrs; Active mode ≤ 120 transactions
  • Master key for emergency release of all keys
  • Embedded Linux OS and application software and database
  • System setting, configuration, monitoring & management via web browser through TCP/IP interface

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