Suprema FaceStation F2: The Modern Touchless Access Security System

With COVID-19 still rampant, the new normal calls for new security measures to further encourage social distancing in the home and workplace. This has led to an increased demand for contactless access systems that are not only effective in terms of heightening physical and data security, but health security as well.

Enter the Suprema FaceStation F2, the latest offering in the Suprema Biometrics line equipped with advanced technologies to deliver accurate and unmatched facial recognition performance for touchless access control and facilities management system.

Suprema FaceStation F2's Modern Features

The Suprema FaceStation F2 offers such advantages as:

Advanced face recognition

Utilizing fusion matching technology for both visual and infrared (IR) facial recognition, the Suprema FaceStation F2 boasts a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1:1 billion. Its deep learning algorithm also allows for accurate matching regardless of ethnicity and face changes.

With its Fusion Matching Technology, Suprema FaceStation F2 boasts a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1:1 billion


Aside from offering touchless control, the Suprema FaceStation F2 also supports other authentication options, including face, fingerprint, card, and dual-frequency, NFC and BLE-based mobile access. Its face and fingerprint features can hold up to 50,000 and 100,000 user profiles, respectively.

Suprema Facestation F2's Advanced Features

Contactless solution for new health protocols

In a time when wearing a mask is the new norm, the Suprema FaceStation F2 offers superior face recognition even when users are wearing face masks. Its technology also allows for detecting and restricting access of those who are not wearing masks, and identifies users with an elevated temperature (when paired with the Suprema Thermal Camera).

Suprema Facestation F2 meets the needs of the post-pandemic world with remote and contactless solutions

Robust device security

The Suprema FaceStation F2 offers the highest level of device security, from a secure booting process to encrypting all personal and biometrics data. It also utilizes Android 5.0 with its security enhancements to further increase device security.

Suprema FaceStation F2's Fusion Matching Technology

At the heart of the Suprema FaceStation F2 is an advanced fusion matching technology equipped with the following features:

Visual + IR recognition

The Suprema FaceStation F2 is able to detect and identify faces even under dark or low light conditions. Using this technology, the FaceStation F2 is able to create IR and visual face templates that will be used for accurate and high-speed profile matching.

facestation f2 face matching technology
FaceStation F2 brings the strongest methods for mask detection to assist in enforcing health protocols


The Suprema FaceStation F2 utilizes visual and IR face recognition to accurately identify users and restrict access to those providing fake facial representations.  

Suprema FaceStation F2 guards against fake facial representations.

Mask detection

Suprema’s fusion matching technology adopts a deep learning algorithm that allows for the detection and recognition of users while wearing masks, and at the same time rejects those who are attempting to fool the device by way of covering the nose and mouth with the hand or a piece of paper.

Photo enrolment

The Suprema FaceStation F2 allows photo enrolment, which enables users to register their profiles without physically being at the terminal. Despite this, the device automatically updates user profile every time he or she is authenticated at the terminal, and in so doing allows for recognition despite facial changes.

With its fusion matching technology, the Suprema FaceStation F2 offers the most advanced and accurate facial detection and recognition performance for both physical and health security.

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