Building Management and Security During this Time of Social Distancing

Modern security and building management systems have become essential nowadays. Most Filipino workers feel unsafe working outside their homes and are concerned the pandemic situation is going to get worse. Until treatment becomes available and we know more about how to stop the deadly virus from spreading, businesses remain prone to the risk of outbreaks, absenteeism, low motivation levels, and consequently, low productivity.

If the economy is to bounce back to the pre-pandemic growth rate, workplace safety and security will have to be rethought, revamped, and ramped up. Workplaces would need to adapt the general guidelines and directions provided by WHO, DOH, and other authorities to their specific business environments; and implement the preventive measures to protect their workers and the society from the menace of infection.

Let’s take a closer look at how COVID-19 has impacted workplace security and the type of access control system office buildings need to effectively battle the crisis.

Touch-Based Systems are Out

Access control systems can help execute most of the new workplace security and safety protocols—and we don’t mean legacy access control systems such as keycards, fobs, biometric fingerprint scanners, and PIN pads.

Legacy touch-based access control systems have quickly become obsolete.

Old security systems are still in use at many public facilities, but their limitations make them unsuitable for the post-COVID-19 workplace. Some of the risks associated with outdated access control methods are as follows:

  • Germs can stick to plastic keycards and get passed around
  • FOBs and key cards cannot be issued or revoked without visiting the workplace
  • It might be a problem to grant access to disinfection crews when the office is locked down
  • There’s no way to update door schedules and working hours
  • Security systems hosted on local servers cannot be accessed remotely
  • The coronavirus can remain viable for several hours on door handles, contact based biometric scanners and pin pads

Pre-pandemic access control systems were already on their way out after the introduction of smartphone access and later on, facial recognition security systems. COVID-19 has accelerated the demise of old systems and the adoption of face-recognition and smartphone access control.

Touchless Systems are In

Modern access control methods can enable employers to create and manage safer workplaces by helping implement COVID-19 related regulations and monitoring the security measures remotely, without having on-site security crews. Here are some of the ways modern access control can help improve workplace security.

  • Implement Social Distancing - Using a video surveillance system, security teams can monitor the workplace in the moment and find out if people are maintaining 6 feet distance when entering the workplace or during work. Facial recognition access control system can also be used for video surveillance of high-risk areas identified during hazard assessment.
  • Remote Security Management - Modern access control systems are cloud managed, which means you can grant or revoke permissions, modify accessibility schedules, and change permission levels from anywhere, anytime.
  • Touchless Door Unlock - People returning to work are likely to avoid using common touch surfaces such as keypads, touchscreens, or fingerprint scanners. Touchless access control allows users to unlock the door by just looking at the face reader.
New workplace systems are in place due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to new hurdles, more so in the health and security front. Fortunately, security technology has come a long way. Modern touchless security systems can prove highly effective in checking the spread of infections and enforcing COVID-19 related security protocols.

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