Suprema Mobile Access


Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more. By using your smartphone, as a credential, managing and using an access card becomes easier, faster, and safer.

Contactless mobile solution compatible with iOS and Android

Suprema Mobile Access supports both NFC and BLE )Bluetooth Low Energy) for full compatibility with different types of smartphones.

Fast and Accurate

Prevents unintentional opening s by controlling BLE communication distance, allowing authentication time less than a second


BLE Background mode

Works seamlessly without waking up your smartphone

Remote and Contactless

Suprema makes it easier to issue and revoke a mobile access card by sending an email to users.

  • Saves the cost of issuing cards and maintenance in comparison to physical cards
  • Protects your data with ISO 27001 certified system architecture
A comprehensive system for mobile access

Using Suprema Airfob Portal, you can build your own fully functional access control system with mobile access.

  • Suprema's open API's can easily integrate into your existing system to make mobile access a part of your completion solution
  • Suprema's In-App SDK allows you to integrate mobile access card into your own mobile application
Industries leveraging mobile access

Multiple license policies

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