Advantages of Using a Mobile Biometric System for Identification

In today's digital era, security has become an essential part of our lives. Biometric systems have gained popularity as a secure method for identity verification. The integration of biometric systems with mobile devices has revolutionized the way identification is done. This article discusses the advantages of using a mobile biometric system for identification.

The use of biometric systems has been on the rise in recent years due to their high level of security. Biometric systems use unique human characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and iris scans, to authenticate identity. These systems have been integrated into mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, making identity verification easier and more accessible.

Mobile biometrics offer a high level of security and convenience, at the same time.

Advantages of Mobile Biometric Systems

1. Increased Security

Mobile biometric systems offer a higher level of security compared to traditional methods of identification, such as passwords and PINs. Biometric traits are unique to each individual, making it almost impossible to replicate or steal someone's identity. Biometric systems also prevent identity fraud and unauthorized access, making it the most secure method of identification.

2. Convenience

Mobile biometric systems offer a convenient method of identification. The use of biometric traits, such as fingerprints and facial recognition, eliminates the need to remember passwords or carry identification cards. The integration of biometric systems with mobile devices makes it easy to verify identity anywhere, anytime.

A Mobile Biometric System presents numerous benefits for security and convenience

3. Speed

Mobile biometric systems offer a faster method of identification compared to traditional methods. The use of biometric traits eliminates the need for manual verification, reducing the time taken to authenticate identity. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations that require quick identification verification, such as airports, hospitals, and financial institutions.

4. Cost-effective

Mobile biometric systems are cost-effective compared to traditional methods of identification. The cost of implementing biometric systems has reduced significantly, making it affordable for organizations of all sizes. The use of mobile devices eliminates the need for additional hardware, reducing the cost of implementation.

5. Better User Experience

Mobile biometric systems offer a better user experience compared to traditional methods of identification. The use of biometric traits, such as facial recognition and fingerprints, makes the process of identification simple and easy to use. The integration of biometric systems with mobile devices makes the process of identification seamless, reducing the time and effort required to verify identity.

Suprema Mobile Access for Enhanced Security + Convenience

Suprema Mobile Access is a cutting-edge technology that offers a practical alternative to traditional smart cards for gaining access to facilities, doors, and other areas. By utilizing smartphones, Suprema Mobile Access provides a faster, more secure, and easier-to-manage access control solution.

Mobile Access Control revolutionized access security, such as the Suprema Mobile Access Control from Hitec International

Equipped with the latest mobile and biometric technologies, Suprema Mobile Access provides a range of features that enhance its functionality. Its contactless feature simplifies access by enabling RFID reader scanning of the user's smartphone. Additionally, mobile access cards can be conveniently activated and revoked via email, reducing the expenses associated with the issuance and maintenance of physical cards. Suprema Mobile Access is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the protection of users' data.

Suprema Mobile Access also offers comprehensive system integration through the Suprema Airfob Portal, Suprema's open API for existing system integration, and Suprema's In-App SDK for mobile application integration. Its integration capabilities enable easy access to HR management systems, including automated attendance and time records.

Suprema Mobile Access is highly compatible with iOS and Android devices, supporting both NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies. Its BLE background mode operates seamlessly without waking the device, and it restricts Bluetooth communication distance to limit unauthorized access.

Compared to other access methods, mobile biometrics systems offer a range of advantages, including simplified access issuance and revocation and remote management. This system provides the most reliable means of protecting personal information, as most people have access to mobile phones. Mobile credentials for access control are more secure, hygienic, efficient, and convenient.

At Hitec International, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective access control system that utilizes mobile phones equipped with built-in biometric technology.

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