Wireless Signal Repeater

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH THE ENERGY SAVER: It works as a connection between the energy saver and the gateway, for those places where the signal is not received.
SYNCHRONIZATION: Easy to synchronize it with the gateway using an inner button.


Technical Specifications
Description Wireless signal repeater between energy saver & gateways
Reference REZxIIS
Power 85-265 VAC (47-440 Hz)
Consumption 550 mA (max), 20 mA (avg)
Communicators 2,4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 wireless
Communication Coverage External antenna with 80m max coverage outdoors without obstacles
Interface Red LED for indications
Operating Mode Inner button for synchronizing it with the gateway
Dimensions Housing 89 (height) x 89 (width)x 54 (depth) mm/ electronics 77x75 mm.
Housing Schneider box ABS IP66/IK07
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