Visitor Management System

Any Amadeus 8 user with a web browser can smoothly manage visits and meetings:

  • The host schedules the event.
  • The receptionist welcoming the guests issues the badges.
  • The security staff follows up on the encounter’s status.
  • The manager generates reports.
  • Manage the access rights of an appointment between a host and a single visitor (visit) or multiple ones (meeting).
  • Schedule visits and meetings in your calendar.
  • Add visitors as new cardholders into the database, define their access right and if required assign an escort, print a badge with a picture.
  • Track participants according to the event life cycle (enrollment, check-in, start of visit, and the end of visit), until the scheduled appointment is over.
  • Filter the log based on search and sort criteria.
  • Create multiple reports filtered according to what is needed.
  • Access the Visitor Control screen from any web browser.
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