The SMART controller is a one-door PoE access control system designed for high security environments.
This innovative controller is powered directly by the TCP/IP cable and fits Din rail installations.

The latest of the DDS products is designed for medium-size projects, as well as for more sophisticated multi-site installations.


Thanks to its embedded 12W PoE standard power supply (IEEE802.3af), the controller takes its required power directly from the TCP/IP cable. The energy produced is sufficient to power up to two card readers and one 500ma door lock/Mag lock, as well as to charge a 12V/1.2Ah lead/acid battery. The latter will supply the entire system during power outages. The SMART-PoE can thus be installed in the door vicinity, saving on wiring cost.
With a new Lead Acid 12v/1.2AH battery, 2 DL-12 prox readers (60mA), constant communication with an host through 100 Base-T TCP, the maximum back-up time is as follows:
- During stand-by mode without access: 2h15
- With 200 door-opening (500 mA door lock): 2h
- With a constantly activated Mag lock (500mA): 1h15
With a management capacity of two readers of any technology, the SMART allows to monitor the entrance / exit of one door for up to 44,000 cardholders (expandable to 163,000 cardholders with 2M of memory - SMART 2M). Depending on its configuration, it can store up to 47,000 events (expandable to 201,000 events with 2M memory).

The SMART controls up to 4 supervised inputs (four states inputs): door contact, RTX button and two alarm inputs. It manages two relays. The SMART is connected to the main server via the TCP/IP network.

The controller supports autonomous decisions, such as doors opening, outputs and reflexes activation…, and this, without PC intervention.
Programming is simple and its flash memory eases firmware downloading.

Due to its ergonomics and standard size, the controller can be installed on a standard DIN rail.

The use of new technologies against electromagnetic interference (6 layers PCB, protection components on inputs/outputs) further increases the system reliability.

The SMART is easily integrated within BMS external applications and installations including other DDS controllers.

Key Features
  • TCP + PoE on board supplying 12V/700mA (e.g. two 12V/100mA readers + one 12V/500mA door lock). PoE standard IEEE802.3af
  • Built-in charger for 12v/1.2Ah lead acid battery
  • Standards dimension din rail and 19’’ drawers
  • 2 readers / 1 door
  • 4 supervised inputs
  • LED on inputs / outputs
  • 2 true outputs
  • 512K RAM memory (expandable to 2M - SMART 2M) for operating database, backed by lithium battery to last for 10 years
  • Up to 44K cardholders (expandable to 163K - SMART 2M)
  • Up to 47K events in buffer (expandable to 201K -
  • SMART 2M), (with RAM dynamic allocation)
  • 2 processors
  • Automatic detection of low battery, housing tamper switch, reader’s connection and PoE failure
  • Real time clock (RTC)
  • 1 MB flash memory for application firmware (downloaded from the PC)
  • 255 daily programs, 127 weekly programs,
  • 180 holidays and special days
  • 255 reflexes (local & network)
  • Removable connectors
  • Multi-technology readers: biometric, smart card, proximity, magnetic, etc.
  • Autonomous decisions at the local level without degradation of the security standard
  • Baud rate from 4,800 to 38,400 Bauds
  • Programmable communication encryption
Technical Specifications
  • Operating temperature: 0o C to +55o C
  • Storage temperature: -10o C to +65o C
  • Operational humidity: 10 to 95% RH
  • Board dimensions: 149x122 mm
  • Housing dimensions: 270x192x55 mm
  • Power supplied by IP cable (PoE)
  • Consumption (without reader): 300mA.
  • Alarm inputs max voltage: +/- 30V
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