RFID Card Encoder/Reader

CONTACTLESS: By approaching the card/bracelet to the encoder.
READ/ENCODE: It allows reading and encoding the compatible card/bracelets
ILUMINATION: Led illuminated front case.
BEEP: indicating the correct or incorrect tag encoding.


Technical Specifications
Description RFID card encoder/reader 2.0
Reference LGKxxM4xAx
Power USB 5 Vdc ± 10%
Connector Micro USB type
Reading Distance 4 cm (depending on the tag and position)
Interface Blue led/ piezoelectric transducer
Material ABS (UL 94 HB)
RFID Technology 13,56 MHz
Consumption 60 mA encoding TAGS
Dimensions 107,78mm x 68,08 mm x 21,90 mm
Compatible Tags Mifare Classic ( Mini/1k/4k)
Ultralight/ Ultralight EV1
Mifare Plus (SL1)
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