Neoxx Padlock – G4

The SALTO Neoxx G4 electronic padlock is a high-security versatile locking solution built to withstand all access needs, with exceptional attention to detail, special armoured case with double-layered structure guarantees the ultimate protection from falls, shocks, and the hardest environment or usage*.

Easy-to-use and highly secure keyless SALTO technology provides instant and reliable access combining the advantages of RFID,  Bluetooth LE and NFC technologies.

*Attack resistance: Mechatronic certification EN16864:2018 Grade 

Ultimate protection

The SALTO Neoxx Padlock’s innovative special armoured cover case with double-layered structure guarantees the ultimate protection from falls, shocks, and the hardest environment or usage. There is also an additional UV protection to withstand the solar impact. The reinforced bumpers around the body protect the most sensitive parts of the padlock and absorb the energy of any fall, protecting the electronics and the mechanics to maintain the operability making it both robust and all-weather resistant.

Robust and Reliable

Built to withstand every application, tested, and approved, the SALTO Neoxx is a padlock you can rely on when you’re out in the field in any type of application. Robust and durable, this electronic padlock features IP66-68 water resistance and dust protection for harsh environments and extreme climates, to shield it from the elements.

Power for every access

With a long-lasting performance on just a standard set of batteries (4 x LR1), the SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock gives you the power you need to maintain your installation. Low battery status capabilities monitor your electronic padlock battery levels to enable more efficient access management, minimize lifecycle costs, and reduce maintenance costs.

The SALTO Neoxx Padlock is outfitted with a suite of SALTO smart access applications and is fully compatible with the rest of the SALTO smart electronic hardware locking platform.

A High-performing, smarter, keyless, and mobile experience

The SALTO Neoxx sets a new bar for connectivity in access control. It packs the latest SVN data-on-card and BLUEnet Wireless cutting-edge real-time technology, more functionality, and performance capability, allowing businesses to connect to their on-premise network or to the cloud with the SALTO cloud-hosted access management platform. 

SALTO JustIN Mobile technology is onboard every SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock. This gives users and system administrators the capability to send or receive a digital key (Bluetooth LE or NFC) over the air (OTA) in real-time.


Increase security and safety for people and property. SALTO delivers the most convenient, flexible, and secure access control solutions for all types of commercial and corporate facilities.

Deliver convenient, secure, and hygienic keyless access across the most complex healthcare sites. Combine control with flexibility to keep pace with fast-changing staff and patient needs.

Manage and control educational environments better. Balance security with accessibility, and advanced technology with affordability.

SALTO is helping retail businesses simplify their access management workflow to increase productivity, security, and operations efficiency while reducing costs and optimizing processes for shared, single, and multiple locations for all types of retail environments.

  • SALTO SVN and BLUEnet Wireless network capable.
  • All communication between the carrier and the electronic padlock is encrypted and secured.
  • RFID, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC technologies onboard. Users can easily operate the electronic padlock with their smart card or with an iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Monitor battery status (to optimize maintenance and battery life). Changing or removing batteries is simple and secure –  you only need standard LR1 batteries and a special tool.
  • Optical signalling through light ring. Dual colour green/ red to indicate access authorisation. Acoustic signal optional.
  • Equipped with anti-drilling protection.
  • Emergency opening via portable programming device (PPD).
Techncal Characteristics
  • High-security padlock made of hardened steel with a removable shackle model option, which can be completely detached from the padlock body.
  • Cover case with double-layered structure 70mm x 174mm x 32mm guarantees the ultimate protection from falls, shocks, and the most extreme environments or usage.
  • Shackle: Width 11mm - Length 50mm
  • Weight: 1.065g
  • Security chain non- demountable model with safety chain to protect the padlock from burglary/dropping.
  • Tested up to 130,000 operations on a standard set of batteries (4 x LR1).
  • Tested against extreme temperatures: Including freezing conditions (-35ºC) and high heat (+65ºC).






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