Micro Access C

Management System

Micro Access C is a powerful management software use to manage all MX60 series controllers. Micro Access C offer an easier user interface for daily system operator to manage MX60 terminals, users even, log reports and etc. Micro Access C contain modules below:

Micro Access C has an option to run in Server & Client base where allows multiple clients access to server at the same time. It is also contain advanced features like multiple badge access, grouping, colorful event entries, email alert, remote control, monitoring by image or text mode, E-map, User-define access reports and multi management interface can be chosen.

Powerful Access Control Module

Multi-Door Interlocking

  • For environmental or safety control for preventing tailgating, normally use for dark room, clean room, X-ray or other treatment room.
  • Support up to 8 doors interlocking.
  • All doors are normally closed and lock. Opening any door causes the other doors to lock until the opened door returns to closed position.
  • The first door must be completely closed after granting the access in order for the user to granted for access on the second door.

Remote control to open / close door

  • All door can be remotely open or close from the software

Time Set / Time Zone / Group setting

  • Support up to 255 time set, 120 time zone and 255 access group
  • Holiday / Function Key / Ring setting
  • 100 sets of holidays, 400 sets of function key and 30 sets Ring time setting

Multiple badges access

  • Allow 2 or 3 user badge card together to open the door

Anti-pass back / Anti-duress support

  • Antipassback is to prevent the card holder from passing his card to another person to gain entry into the same controlled area.
  • Micro Access C can support both local antipassback and global antipassback. 

Event trigger alert

  • Customize email, sound alerts or trigger relay output when certain door events are triggered.

Various types of the report

  • Reports for access, attendance, guard touring and car park can be export to excel / text format.

E-map support for control area

  • Software allow you insert graphical floor maps with configured animated icon for easy and instant tracking of door activity.

Real time E-Map monitoring / Text monitoring / Image monitoring

  • Real-time alarm or event logs to ensure all events are completely documented for the entire system Multiple workstation monitoring capabilities.
Simple Guard Touring Module


  • Micro Access C can be utilized as a Guard Tour System with no additional cost.
  • Additional information such as patrol point or time can be configured and monitored from software.
  • The data can be used to generate guard tour report and exported to excel / text format.
Simple Time & Attendance Module


  • Cost effective: Access control system can be utilized as T/A management system with no additional cost. Individual access data can also be used as Attendance record data.
  • Support day/night/cross day shift. Over time calculation.
  • Status display: absence/late in/early out. Holiday definition.
  • Daily, Monthly, Detail, First In Last Out report.
  • Personnel leave management (Sick / Official / Maternity).
  • Export T/A report to excel / text format.
Video Surveillance Module

  • MX60 Access Control System is integrated with Nx VMS system for record purpose.
  • Save time and allow you to react fast with advance search thru event bookmark on Nx Witness system.
  • Easy to monitor the Abnormal / Unauthorized Event via multiple video pop-up, sound alert and email alert.
  • Multiple camera settings, per door, location and building, can be fully controlled / monitored from software.
  • Nx license is not included and need to purchase separately.
Elevator Control Module

  • Hall Calling setting up to 7 floors.
  • Lift Selection manage up to 128 floors with 8 units MX60F relay board.
  • Access authority can also be managed / modified per group or per user.
  • Access authority for floor can be setup / released based on corresponded time schedule.
Car Parking Module

  • Access control for both user and vehicle can be managed from a single system.
  • Vehicle in / out tracking can be efficiently managed by integrating with barrier gate and loop detector.
  • Selectable terminals for car park management.
  • Search access in / out records by date / items / terminal ID.
  • Print, extract access records in text / excel format.
  • Car access image can be taken via IP camera and shown in software.
  • Support UHF / 2.4G Long range reader.
Visitor Management Module

  • The VMS is utilized on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology where there is no need manual data input required for visitor registration.
  • The VMS registration jig is able to accommodate the registration of MYKad, Malaysia New Driving License and Passport with ease. There is be a webcam to record the person face during registration. A Visitor Pass with a QR code would be issued.
  • After registration, the visitor would be granted an access card to access the tripod turnstile, lobby door and lift.
  • To leave the building after finish visiting the tenants, the visitor is to drop the issued access card into a drop box for permission to exit via turnstile. During this process, the visitor is auto checked out from the VMS and the card would be disable for further use.
  • If the card is not returned, the VMS system will auto black list the visitor and the access card. On the next visit, a warning screen will pop upon registering this black listed visitor.
Zone Management Module

  • Personal tracking can be built and operated with minimal cost by install in & out reader at every controller.
  • Hands free personnel tracking system can be built by using long range RFID reader.
  • Reader detecting time and the current location of each individual can be track from software.
  • Option sound alert when abnormal event.
  • Different types of report can export to excel/text format: Detail access report, Currently-in report, Stay time summary report, Stay time detail report, Abnormal report.
Fire Alarm Module

  • Fire Alarm in Micro Access C Software (when Network is Active).
  • Fire alarm group setup to set which controller will open when fire alarm trigger.
  • Convenient and cost effective with less wiring.
  • Fire alarm signal connect to one of the controllers.
  • When fire detector detect fire occur -> alarm signal sends to alarm panel -> alarm panel send signal to links controller -> controller send fire alarm signal to system software -> system software sends out alarm to all controller -> all door programmed to be open.

  • Direct hardwire connection from fire alarm to controller
  • In case network unstable, utilize the one-to-one hardwire connection method.
  • Fire alarm panel and controller will be connected directly. Fire alarm will be transmitted to controller regardless of system server or network error.
  • All door can be configured to unlock automatically when receive from alarm signal.
  • When fire detector detect fire occur -> alarm signal sends to alarm panel -> fire panel send alarm signal to all linked controller -> all door to be open.
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