Intrusion System

Amadeus 8, with the user-friendly graphic module (G+), doors, alarm zones, reflexes, as well as processes, actions, cameras, etc. are presented graphically on the various sitemaps.

An expandable library of symbols is provided with the module. Additional symbols can easily be created or imported from a third-part source into the library to fit a company’s requirements.

Graphic module screens

– Symbol Builder: Create or import graphical symbols, and allocate animations states.

– Position: Position symbols on maps, links symbols to their appropriate components, pan & zoom an area on a map.

– Active alarm: Monitor alarms and events in real time.

The G+ module offers the capacities required to meet industry demands:

– Doors symbols are shown in a dynamical way; symbols update according to a door’s status (open, closed, locked, in alarm, etc.).

– Alarm symbols update according to an alarm status (in alarm, acknowledged, etc.).

– Double-click on any symbol to define its camera stream, action trigger or process.

– Zooming in on a map or moving from one map to another is easy, just click & drag.

– The animated symbols show if zones or maps are under alarm or not, if the controllers can communicate or not, etc.

* Network diagrams are automatically created, and can be modified by the users; they help diagnose the status of the communication with the controllers, such as Active, Com error, etc.

* Search function enables operators to find symbols on a map.

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