The extension and satellite boards provide a cost efficient solution when MEGA, TPL, JET or DS216 controllers require TCP/IP interface, additional I/O or outputs, as shown in the hereunder table. Such expansion makes the controllers very versatile and effective for applications involving lift control, locker control, CCTV matrix, etc.
The satellite card STLO has 16 additional outputs. It is possible to connect up to three satellites to each MEGA, TPL, JET or DS216, providing in this way 48 extra outputs to each controller. The satellites are connected via the second RS485 communication bus through a single twisted pair cable on a distance of up to 1,200 meters.
Technical Specifications
  • Board dimensions:
    • STLO: 160 x 110 mm
  • Operating temperature: -10o to +55o C
  • Storage temperature: -10o to +65o C
  • Operational humidity: 10 to 95%
  • Board weight
    • STLO: 170 g
  • Working voltage: 12 VDC +/-20% 350mA
  • Input max voltage:+/30V
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