The DS216 is an I/O controller which offers the optimal ˀsolution for real-time monitoring of alarm points (PIR's, ˀfire detectors, etc.) and output relays.The DS216 is a ˀhigh capability alarm controller, which allows many I/O ˀextensions from plug-in extension board ('EXT-84', 'EXT-TCP84' or 'EXT-RLY12') or from up to 3 satellites connected to the second bus of communication. The DS216 can be used alone or in association with other DDS controllers and can be mounted on DIN rails.
The DS216 controller can directly supervise up to 16 digital supervised inputs and 4 relays. The capability is extended up to 24 inputs by addition of a plug-in 'EXT-84' extension board and up to 64 relays by the connection of the plug-in 'EXT-RL12' extension board and of three satellites via the second communication bus. Further increase in capability is achieved by connecting several DS216 within the installation.

Alarm events are transfered on a real time basis to the host, through a RS485 bus or a TCP/IP network, by the addition of an 'EXT-TCP' or 'EXT-TCP84' extension board.Each input is supervised, which means that it controls the contact itself (sensor under alarm or not) and the status of the line (normal, short or cut).

Programming and supervision of the DS216 is extremely user-friendly via the use of Amadeus 5 software. Once programmed, the operating tables are downloaded to the DS216 and define the system behaviour:
-Inputs physical status: 'Normally Open' or 'Normally Close'
-Input state: 'Armed' or 'Disarmed', either manually or according to time zones
-'Reflexes': activation of one or several relays upon detection of specific input(s) status

Up to 4.500 alarm events can be recorded in the controller internal memory. The second bus of communication allows either redundant communication with the host, or activation of reflexes on other controllers (with or without PC intervention) or satellites connection.

Troubleshooting is eased thanks to on-board leds (input and relay status, communication process indicators, etc.). The firmware, in flash memory, is easily upgraded from the host.
Key features
  • Universal input/output controller enabling maximum flexibility
  • Supervised inputs 4 states: up to 24 (16 on-board, 8 from extension board)
  • Relays: up to 64 (4 on-board, 12 from extension board and 48 from satellites)
  • 2 RS485 serial ports
  • TCP/IP on board (option)
  • Status LEDs for relays & inputs
    • Relay led: "on" when relay activated
    • Input led: "on" when input open or line is cut
  • Last events memory: 4.500
  • Daily time zones: 99
  • Weekly time zones: 80
  • Holidays / special days: 60 / 120
  • Redundant communication
  • Global reflex with or without PC
  • Communication encryption
  • 128 KB RAM memory (for operating tables and buffer)
  • 1MB Flash memory (for firmware)
  • On-board lithium battery
Technical Specifications
  • Board dimension: 122x149 mm
  • Operating temperature: -10o C to +55o C
  • Storage temperature: -10o to +65o C
  • Operational humidity: 10 to 95% RH
  • Board weight: 180g
  • Working voltage: 12 VDC +/- 20% 350mA
  • Alarm input max voltage:+/- 30V
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