DDS Amadeus 5

Integrated Security System


Amadeus 5 is DDS’ powerful yet user-friendly on-line access control and alarm monitoring software.

A large range of adaptive software solution modules allows you to tailor big and small installations. Packed with sophisticated features it perfectly fits the strict requirements of high security delocalised multi-sites with several hundred thousand of users. For small size installations, Amadeus 5 Light combines cost effectiveness, ease of use and high performance.

Amadeus 5’s huge system capacity enables an almost unlimited number of doors, controllers, cardholders, readers, supervised alarms, outputs, operators, access groups and security levels. Thousands of networks can be supervised.

The user-friendly software solution is easy to configure and use, with predefined parameters for fast installation, automatic actions and reflexes, as well as personalised reports wizard. Comprehensive information on real-time alarms, cardholder transactions and events are displayed in the active alarm window, event log, diagnostic screens and live interactive maps. Online Help is available from each screen.

With the best return on investment, Amadeus 5’s rich features can easily grow with an evolving customer’s needs. Optional modules seamlessly integrate with existing solutions.

The powerful communication environment allows redundant communication, alarm event mode, communication encryption and reflexes for emergency and routine operations, through the controller’s optional second bus.

Several integration gateways ease the interface with third party products. API, OPC server and Modbus IP protocol are used for exporting alarms and events to building automation, process control systems or human resources software.

Efficiency and security in Amadeus 5 are  based on 32 bit key communication encryption, database mirroring, redundancy DB architecture, data archival & back-up and bi-directional data exchange.

Amadeus 5 is compatible with Windows XP or higher, Windows Server 2003 or higher, MS SQL Server 2005 or higher.

Access Control

  1. Parking module
  2. Lift Module
  3. Guard Patrol
  4. Badge Printing
  5. Report Generator
  6. Database Import
  7. SQL
  8. License Plate Recognition
  9. Multi-site
  10. Multi-company
  11.  Multi-workstation

Alarm Graphic - Basic Module (G)

The alarm module, for alarms and intrusion management, arms and disarms alarms and alarm zones manually or by means of weekly program rules. Creating actions, processes and global reflexes are easily implemented via this module.

Alarm zones

All the inputs linked to the protection devices of a specific zone (detectors of movement, doors and windows opening, etc.) are gathered in a zone. This zone can be armed or disarmed according to time zones or through a single command.


The system can trigger a sophisticated, automatic reaction (reflex) in reply to a specific event (access, alarm or scheduled event). A network reflex can exist even when network communication is down. The wide range of responses includes email notifications, reports generation, displaying video or recording video, sounding an alert, saving databases, opening screens, arming zones, incrementing counters, activating outputs, etc.


– Sounding alarms or other system reaction by triggering a network reflex with or without PC intervention.

– Display a message to a user while they are swiping their badge.

– The ‘call for badge’ signals the imminence of an arming operation to the users present in a zone; the user must decide to either vacate the zone immediately or to postpone the arming operation via keypad code or badge swipe.

– The number of persons in a zone is periodically counted to determine the state of the zone’s occupancy. After the last person leaves the zone, lights and air conditioning can be automatically switched off and the zone can be armed.

– Track and manage club card credits by decreasing credits after each passage and refuse access when there aren’t any more credits.

– Signal the arrival of specific persons and turn on the light on their way.

Alarm Graphic - Basic Module (G+)

With the user-friendly graphic module (G+), doors, alarm zones, reflexes, as well as processes, actions, cameras, etc. are presented graphically on the various sitemaps.

An expandable library of symbols is provided with the module. Additional symbols can easily be created or imported from a third-part source into the library to fit a company’s requirements.

Graphic module screens

– Symbol Builder: Create or import graphical symbols, and allocate animations states.– Position: Position symbols on maps, links symbols to their appropriate components, pan & zoom an area on a map.

– Active alarm: Monitor alarms and events in real time.The G+ module offers the capacities required to meet industry demands:

– Doors symbols are shown in a dynamical way; symbols update according to a door’s status (open, closed, locked, in alarm, etc.).

– Alarm symbols update according to an alarm status (in alarm, acknowledged, etc.).

– Double-click on any symbol to define its camera stream, action trigger or process.

– Zooming in on a map or moving from one map to another is easy, just click & drag.

– The animated symbols show if zones or maps are under alarm or not, if the controllers can communicate or not, etc.

* Network diagrams are automatically created, and can be modified by the users; they help diagnose the status of the communication with the controllers, such as Active, Com error, etc.
* Search function enables operators to find symbols on a map.

Integrated Security

DDS has developed a new Integrated Security Platform (ISP). Video surveillance, access control and alarm monitoring are seamlessly integrated into a reliable, easy to use and reliable solution based on the powerful Amadeus software and the new module video V+. It is adapted to the changing security needs of small and big installations alike.

A single screen monitors video surveillance, access control and alarm monitoring. Sensitive decisions are taken in full knowledge of the facts, based on proof-full images.

V+ offers the features of a CCTV client module (live and playback video records, video/picture side by side comparison, snapshots, PTZ control, etc.), coupled with the possibility to monitor video records linked to access control and intrusion events.

For example, upon detection of a suspect event, V+ enables the guard to check the validity of the alarm and to act upon it directly from the Amadeus 5 module, by locking/opening a door or arming/disarming the corresponding alarm zone remotely via control buttons on the screen.

All the necessary information is gathered in a clear customisable layout: logical view of the cameras, canvas with multiple videos tiles, real-time events, alarm log and control buttons.

V+ supports a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders and CCTV equipment.

Main toolbar
Open new tabs, load/save layouts and take note of the status icons directly from the toolbar.

Select the requested tab (logical view, access monitoring and alarm monitoring). Use up to 15 simultaneous tabs to manage different areas separately. (e.g. 1 tab per floor). Group tabs horizontally or vertically to maximize display efficiency.

Logical view
Configure the logical view to maximize the organisation of cameras. Allocate an active camera, defined on the NVR, to a reader or an input. Quickly locate relevant items. The logical grouping is defined by the system operator independently of the physical location.

Drag and drop an element to the canvas to display the associated live video stream.

Canvas view
Video data (live or playback) are shown in a single tile or in multiple ones. The logical organisation of the videos allows viewing images from multiple cameras at a glance and consulting live and playback videos simultaneously.

V+ displays images automatically, following an alarm or an access, or manually on demand.

V+ default layout displays four tiles in a quad formation (2x2). The size of the tiles can be enlarged to spot specific details or reduced to consult several cameras in one go.

Events details, cardholder pictures and opening status of the door are displayed on overlay on top of the video. Several panes of tiles can be opened in parallel and their specification stored in the system.

Controls buttons
Manage live video stream and playback view, take snapshots, control the cameras PTZ, lock / open a door, arm / disarm an alarm zone, acknowledge / confirm alarms with the dashboard, set up volume, etc.

Access / alarm log
Depending on the tab type, incoming access events or alarms appear automatically with details of time, location and actor of the event. Acknowledge and confirm alarm directly from the V+ module.

This log is automatically updated as long as Amadeus 5 is running. When a camera is associated to a reader or an input, it is possible to drag & drop access/alarm events relating to this reader/input to the canvas tiles in order to monitor video records corresponding to these events.

The content of this layout is resizable; the borders between the different parts can be moved.

The V+ log is automatically updated with the data from Amadeus 5. Conversely actions performed in the V+ module instantaneously update DDS software.

Video partners
– Milestone
– HIKvision
– More integrations with other video management software are in the pipeline


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