CET Electronic Lock for Lockers

RFID LOCKER LOCK CONTACTLESS: Opening and locking by approaching an authorized card.
STANDALONE LOCKER LOCK: Without cables, battery operated.
FREE/ FIX ASSIGNMENT MODES: Any user can occupy any free locker (free mode) or each user has an assigned locker lock (fix mode)
MASTER CARDS: Master cards can be generated for opening and locking any of the lockers.
MULTIPLE OPENINGS: Each card can occupy up to 5 free or fix lockers.
AUTOMATIC OPENING: At a defined time the lockers will be opened.
AUDIT TRAIL BY USING A CARD: By approaching a special 4k card, the latest event on the locker will be downloaded.
SUITABLE FOR METALLIC OR WOODEN LOCKERS: The best solution for gym lockers or staff lockers.


Technical Specifications

Option with RFID: Electronic lock for lockers, with RFID at 13,56MHz.


Option with Wireless RFID: Electronic lock for locker, with RFID at 13.56 MHz and wireless communications.

Reference Right-handed - CETRxM1xxCD
Left-handed - CETRxM1xxCI

Right handed - CETRxM1xxDD
Left handed - CETRxM1xxDI
Power 4 batteries LR6 1,5V ( AA alkaline batteries)
Battery Life 80.000 cycles / 4 years
RFID Frequency 13.56MHz.
Reading Distance 10 - 20 mm.
Interface Red LED
Operating Temperature -20º to 70º
Dimensions Height 116, Width 116 and Depth 35mm.
Weight 320 grs.
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