RFID Technology for Higher Business Efficiency and Security

With the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic, business owners are bound to keep their businesses running while ensuring the wellbeing of their employees. Intensifying digitalization through technology is one way to keep up with competition, among other things.

The heights of COVID-19 have also created a surge in e-commerce. Many shoppers are now making their purchases online as physical outlets are either closed or can only accommodate a limited number of people. Shops also implement several health protocols that make trips time-consuming and inconvenient.

With that in mind, optimizing the advantage of RFID technology offers a great resolution to both work production and health protocol demands during these times. Incorporating RFID into your inventory management system or contactless access system can ease many burdens throughout your business transactions.

What is RFID?

RFID (radio-frequency identification) is a technology that uses electromagnetic waves to capture and read digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels. RFID solutions help businesses of all sizes in many ways. This ranges from fast-tracking of goods to controlling manufacturing processes, and managing assets until distribution.

RFID is a versatile technology that can benefit anyone but is especially useful and lucrative for those in the industries of warehousing, retail, livestock, e-commerce and online business. RFID technology does not only help businesses in work efficiency but also health safety with its contactless feature.

RFID technology: How it Works
RFID technology: How it Works

An RFID system allows fast and real-time data tracking and transfer, which help to maintain visibility. Aside from this, the system also helps keep everyone safe from coronavirus transmission as it minimizes physical contact among employees. This is prevalent in a contactless access system where only authenticated and authorized personnel can access certain information and facilities for increased privacy and data security.

RFID in Access Control

RFID is popularly deployed in access control systems that read data taken from a signal received, enabling it to grant or deny access requests on particular zones without physical contact. This touchless access control can be embedded on ID cards or certain objects. Access panels read tags with unique identification and then validate them against a centralized database, which decides if the access is either granted or denied.

RFID in Asset and Inventory Management

RFID provides an effective solution for asset and inventory management challenges. A portable RFID reader can easily scan RFID tags attached to the assets that present information about various products or goods.

Omni RFID Tags
Omni RFID Tags

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Choosing RFID for asset and inventory management system offers real-time access to asset data, eliminates delays in product deliveries, reduces labor costs while increasing productivity, and mitigate theft or loss risk. Its other benefits include:

  • tracking multiple tags at once
  • less human intervention
  • improved asset visibility
  • detecting misplaced or lost asset
  • enhancing inventory accuracy

RFID technology offers both work efficiency and higher security for most entities. HITEC International remains the leading provider of electronic identification and highly reliable security solutions across the Philippines. It is a reputable supplier of high-quality RFID tags, access controllers, and proximity readers.

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