Asset Information System Tool: The Chainway P80 Industrial Tablet

Assets are resources used by companies to run their businesses. Inventory, on the other hand, refers to finished goods and materials used to produce products or services. For organizations with massive assets and stocks, ensure to build a lucrative inventory and asset tracking solution in place. This reduces human errors, saves plenty of time, and minimizes labor requirements and costs.

Using innovative tools like the Chainway P80 industrial tablet for inventory and asset information system delivers accurate data, enhanced productivity, and efficient tracking and record-keeping – all of which helps in generating higher sales and business growth!

The Chainway P80 Industrial Tablet

The Chainway P80 industrial tablet lets you see a glance of a whole picture with ease. It provides a formidable visual experience that fully displays all valuable data without the need to zoom in or drag-and-drop the screen. P80 is an Android 9 rugged tablet with an 8000mAh battery and substantially conducive functions.

P80 features comprehensive data capture options including, UHF RFID, barcode scanning, HF RFID/ NFC, fingerprint recognition, and much more. This rugged device is suitable for asset and inventory management systems in the Philippines. P80 is easy-to-deploy and beneficial for different applications such as identity verification, retail, warehousing, logistics, meter reading, to name a few.

The Chainway P80 Industrial Tablet features the full range of functions to meet all your asset information and management needs.

Chainway P80 Main Features & Specifications

  • Physical Characteristics – With 8-inch high-definition screen, P80 weights 700 g and has 250.8 mm x 152.0 mm x 15.0 mm dimensions. Its Corning Gorilla Glass holds a multi-touch panel and supports gloved or wet hands. Its main battery is Li-ion rechargeable 8000 mAh, and its interface can accommodate USB 3.0 Type-C and OTG. Its three sensors include a gravity sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer sensor.
  • Communication features – This industrial tablet supports WLAN, WWAN (Europe, Asia, America), Vo-LTE HD video-voice call, and other wireless technologies like Bluetooth and GNSS.
  • Software platform/environment – P80’s operating system is Android 9.0; GMS, 90-day security updates, Android Enterprise, Zero-Touch, FOTA, Soti MobiControl, and SafeUEM supported. It has a Chainway software development kit and Java language. It also carries Eclipse or Android Studio tools.
  • Performance capabilities – With Qualcomm 1.8 GHz Octa-core CPU, P80 has 3 GB + 32 GB or 4 GB + 64 GB RAM+ROM. It supports up to 128 GB Micro SD card expansion storage.
  • Main functions – P80 Industrial Tablet is built with Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU with an abundance of useful functions. It includes data capture options like UHF RFID that meets the requirements in different industrial applications such as retail, warehousing, logistics, power, transportation, and so forth. It also has NFC communication protocols and fingerprint scanning (optional).
  • Optional accessories – P80 can help optimize facilities management systems. Its accessories include an AC adaptor, USB cable, wristband, and pistol.

Chainway P80 industrial tablet delivers superior asset tracking solutions through its abundant data collection functions that meet different needs.

The Chainway P80 lets you manage your assets and inventory the smart way. Chainway readers are available here at Hitec International.

Investing in sophisticated tools for your asset and inventory management system saves your business operation a heartache. Automating manual data collection tasks saves time and supports uninterrupted production, which leads to greater visibility and data-driven decisions.

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