Wireless Motion Sensor

Movement sensor features:

  • Passive infrared detector
  • Wireless communication with the energy saver
  • Overhead mounting
  • Battery operated
  • Possibility to have several sensors per room
DescriptionWireless volumetric sensor for the energy saver
Power Source3 batteries LR3 1.5V (AAA alkaline batteries)
Autonomy3 years (average consumption 40μA, Max 20mA)* with alkaline batteries
CommunicationsWireless 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4
Communication Coverage10m (maximum distance to the energy saver)
InterfaceRed LED
Temperature Range-10° to 50°
TechnologyPassive infrared sensor. Fresnel lens.
Detection Coverage3mφ mounted at 3m height
Mounting HeightFrom 2.5m to 4m
Thermostat Accuracy±2° (-10° to 50°)
Dimensions111mφ x 40mm
  • Connected to the energy saver by wireless communication
  • Operative: continuous detection of the movement within the room,. If the card is inside and there is no movement, the second relay is off (air conditioner)
  • Comfort option at the room: when there is no card inside, activates/deactivates the second relay, maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Security option: if there is no card and movement detected, the iSwitch activates one relay as token of intrusion alarm
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