Suprema Mobile Access: Contactless System for The New Normal

The COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces for a few hours to days, making transmission possible if a person touches an infected surface then touches his or her eyes, nose or mouth. This, coupled with the still rising number of COVID-19 cases, makes basic hygiene and social distancing all the more important, both in terms of health and physical security.

More than ever, touchless access control options are needed not only for convenience and security, but to prevent viral transmission from person-to-person and object-to-person. With this need comes the Suprema Mobile Access, which offers tap-and-go capabilities for smartphone users.

What Is Suprema Mobile Access?

As part of the Suprema biometrics and access control line, the Suprema Mobile Access is a contactless access system that allows users to access doors, enter facilities and manage files and other private data using their own smartphones. It offers a more convenient, cost-effective and secure method for access permission and facilities management system.

Advanced Features

More importantly, the Suprema Mobile Access limits contact between people and contact between infected objects, thus preventing the spread of COVID-19. It is equipped with the following features:

Android- and iOS-compatible

The Suprema Mobile Access supports NFC and BLE technologies, allowing smartphones to be automatically authenticated by an RFID reader once it is within communication distance of a terminal. Background modes are activated to allow for a more seamless operation. The Suprema Mobile Access is compatible with Android 9.0 and ioS 7.0 systems and higher.

Remote Management

With the Suprema Mobile Access, issuing and revoking credentials are done online, specifically by sending an app download link to the user’s email. Doing so removes the need for physical cards, saving time and cost on their creation and enrolment.

Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities and more.

Full Interoperability and System Integration

The Suprema Mobile Access can be easily integrated to any Suprema biometrics devices to further heighten security. For instance, Suprema’s Airfob Patch, in-app SDK and open API can be installed in existing security systems to enable mobile access. The Suprema Mobile Access is also compatible with other devices using Suprema access technology.

Suprema Mobile Access allows for comprehensive system integration with various platforms.


The Suprema Mobile Access is suitable for varying industries and applications where security is highly prioritized. These include residential, office, commercial, government, healthcare and higher education purposes.

Various industries are leveraging mobile access.

Speedy Operation

Tap-and-go capabilities allow users to enter facilities within seconds. Compared to a traditional access ID system, which involves completing a visitor’s registration form and providing a valid ID in exchange for an access card or ID, the Suprema Mobile Access takes less than 30 seconds to identify and authenticate an individual.

With the new normal comes a greater need for a contactless access system that protects the user and the people around him or her from possible infection. The Suprema Mobile Access does this and more, offering access to files and facilities without any hassle.

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