Amadeus 8 v1.75 Release

Next Generation Security Software Platform


• Maps can now include linked geometric shapes and freehand shapes

To support the new shape tools, the Position screen’s action bar has the following additional buttons:

The shapes can be linked to a map, alarm zone, area, or left free (unlinked). 

• Strong User Password rules can now be customized and enforced

 Configure a strong password policy via the Options > System & SQL screen. The settings include: 

  • Enforce Password History policy 
  • Maximum Password Age policy 
  • Minimum Password Length policy 
  • Passwords Must Meet Complexity Requirements policy 

This feature allows organizations to meet Standard Password Policies and Guidelines. 

• User Passwords can now be changed at the user’s discretion via the dashboard

 A logged in user can choose to change their password from the dashboard, via the down arrow immediately following the displayed user name. 

• A user can now be forced to change their password. 

In the Users screen, each user’s details now include a Should Password be replaced checkbox. When selected, the user must change their password the next time they log in to Amadeus8. 

• Mifare support has been added for Biometric Suprema2 readers

Choose a Wiegand format for a biometric reader in the reader’s details. The formats available are Mifare 32-bit and Standard 26


  • In the Position screen’s action bar, the Pan button and the Select button are now displayed side-by-side. 
  • The Amadeus8 WebApp is now multilingual, 3 additional languages are available (China, Polish, Portuguese), and more to come - as RESX files are returned to the support team. The languages are available via your browser settings. 
  • A Navigate to map context menu item has been added to Alarm events in the following: Display Events Screen, Event Log Screen, Unconfirmed Alarms dialog (accessed via the dashboard). Click Navigate to map to display the Security Center map with the alarmed icon. 
  • A Department field has been added to all Global Reflex Access Trigger Events where a cardholder can be specified. This allows you to qualify the cardholder who will trigger the event based on their assigned department. 
  • An Input can now be marked Bypass via an API command. 
  • Amadeus8 WebApp display has minor improvements. 
  • A new Galaxy refresh I/O delay setting has been added to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Amadeus8\NM\NMService.exe.config under the entry GxIoRefreshDelay. The default value is 20 seconds. 
  • Database bloat has been addressed with a ShrinkDatabase and a ShrinkJournal automatic operation that will take place every day at approximately 4:25 AM. 


  • Fixed: A scrollbar now appears when a long Manual Events list is opened from the Dashboard. 
  • Fixed: In the Access > Access Group screen, adding additional readers to an already existing Door Access Group no longer unselects previously selected readers from the same controller. 
  • Fixed: Initializing a biometric reader from the Diagnostic screen will now reliably download cardholder information to the reader. 
  • Fixed: After a biometric reader has successfully initialized, the Task List will show that the initialization has been completed. 
  • Fixed: Chinese language Report Templates now correctly display all characters. 
  • Fixed: Cardholder details now displays long badge codes more legible. 
  • Fixed: Amadeus8 WebApp Searches now include all pages in the search process. 
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